Seb Burrows

(15 years at Exwick Presentation)

Seb burrows joined Exwick Tennis Club at 4 years of age taking part in group coaching sessions, club singles, doubles & team competitions over a 15 year period. At 16 years of age Seb joined Exeter College and was successful in obtaining his place in the Exeter College Tennis Academy in which Steve continued to spend another 2-3 year period with Seb whilst he attended daily tennis academy training sessions, representing Exeter College in team fixtures throughout this period.

Before Seb left us, Steve wanted to give him a special presentation to recognise his time at the Club. We also asked Seb to tell us a little bit more about his experience at Exwick Tennis Club.

Question 1: What do you love about tennis?

“I’ve been playing tennis since I was four, so it’s been a massive part of my life which Steve has helped me with. It’s just really enjoyable, it’s a good way to let out stress.”

Question 2: What is your most memorable day at Exwick Tennis Club?

“A snow day in the winter, playing tennis in about two inches of snow. We were throwing snowballs and wet sponges at Steve and my Dad, it was very fun, a good community event I really enjoyed it.”

Question 3: What will you miss most about Exwick Tennis Club?

“Everybody, the club has a good family spirit. I’ve really got to know Steve, so I will miss him especially because he’s been a big part of my life since I was four.”

Question 4: Who Is Your Favourite Tennis Player?

“Of all time, Andy Murray, he’s been my inspiration since I was a little boy. But at the moment, I’ve got to say Carlos Alcaraz. He’s just a really entertaining player to watch.”

Question 5: Who inspires you?

“A lot of people, mainly people that are part of my family and close friends. Steve is definitely one of those people, he’s helped me and inspired me through the years and kept me going. He’s always given me that fighting spirit that I needed.

Steve said;
“It was a fantastic getting to know Seb and supporting him on his tennis journey which has now enabled him to play tennis at a very good level. Seb now heads off to Cardiff Met University where he plans on continuing playing tennis whilst he focuses on his studies.”
“His parents Alan & Faye we’re instrumental in the early days of the tennis club supporting us with fund raising events something in which will never be forgotten, they regularly supported club open days and events often lending us their PA system to add a great dynamic to events ( it was the same PA system that Alan and Faye used when they we’re in a band back in the day ha ha !“
We’d like to wish Seb the best of luck as he begins his studies at Cardiff Met and we look forward to seeing him back at the club during the holidays.

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