Junior Membership 18 & Under

April 1st - March 31st = £45.00

After July 1st = £33.75

After Oct 1st = £22.50

After Jan 1st = £11.25

Junior Membership benefits:

  • All year round Group & Individual coaching
  • Competition in coaching sessions
  • FREE Court time at weekends for families who have children who are active junior members attending coaching sessions at the club.
  • Free British Tennis Membership
  • Free Mini Tennis and Junior ratings
  • Free entry into the Wimbledon draw ( 9 & Over only )

Existing members pay a full membership fee of £45.00 at the beginning of the new membership year.

New members to the club who join part way through the membership year so after July 1st, Oct 1st & Jan 1st pay a quarterly fee based on when they join.

1/2 Year Junior Membership Summer Season ( League players only )

Our summer season membership package is for Junior Summer League players who join for the summer season between April 1st - September 30th.

April 1st - Septmeber 30th £15.00

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1/2 Year Junior Membership Summer Season benefits:

  • Junior summer league players have the same benefits as the Adult 1/2 Year Membership option